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12   /   15   /   2018

AM HOT ROD GLASS opens SEMA Show 2018 with Rad Rids by Troy - 32' Roadster owned by Mr. Roger Ritzow.  Also on display is Big Oak Garage from Hoaks Bluff Alabama, 1954 Chevy Pick Up Truck with AM Hot Rod Glass Flushmount Front Windshield and Rear Corner Cab Windows all in an "Easy-Eye" Glass Green color match.  This is a must see.

11   /   06   /   2018

AM HOT ROD GLASS CLOSES SEMA SHOW 2018. What a week and what an awesome display of showmanship from Troy Trepanier of Rad Rides by Troy, Will Posey of Big Oak Garage and Mark & Dennis Mariani sharing their Bonneville Salt Flats Record breaking run and the AMHRG Streamliner Canopy Impact that withstood the 349 MPH Impact!  Our favorite - Jarred Zimmerman of "CarFix" was presented with his own Rad Rides/AMHRG Jacket from Carmen as a big thank you for all the unexpected support and media coverage we receive year after year.  Kevin "KEVDOGG" Scheile was on hand meeting our vistors.





12   /   03   /   2018

AM HOT ROD GLASS will be working on a few new Motortrend projects this year for Street Rodder Magazine and LowRider Magazine.  More Details to come. 

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