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Selling The Finest Acrylic Automotive Products  

Carmen Belanger Martin



I launched this automotive division in 2007 with input from one of my West Coast Customs brothers and after doing so much custom fabrication for automotive windshields, roof paneIs, safe's and anything else that was under the moon for Ryan Friedlinghaus.....


I believed that the automotive division of Aero Marine warranted it's own brand name.  That is probably one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.  I truly love what I do and my creativity has a portal of expression every single day!  What a blessing!

This is my page to share my coolest builds and special projects or at times my opinions & thoughts!  Yes I am the "Tech Guy", "Technical Person", "The Guys In The Back" and I have the answers you need to be successful with the AM Hot Rod Glass fabrication process - as I developed it.   Now let's get to it!


Happy New Year EVERYONE.....


2019 is here and there are so many fabulous things going on for AM Hot Rod Glass this year!  I am truly looking forward to getting back to the grind of things.  I am definately not sad to see 2018 head out!  It feels like we are back at the beginning of 2018 - we were ready for a new company to assist us with our Social Media and business was booming.....  I unfortunately made the mistake of trusting "friends & business referrals" last year.  I will share that Youtube moment with all of you soon.  Most importantly its about managing production and fitting the time in to develop my new products. 

TEXAS METAL made our year with back to back builds on the show and working with Bill Carlton and Thomas made Season 2 a breeze!

We're getting ready to get back on the road with Rad Rides and see what we can do this year!  I have a special goal that I keep bugging Troy about - 200 MPH!


February 2022 is almost at an end and our arrival into Texas last year came with a record ice storm and snow last February 2021 it delayed our production until summertime.  From our transition location to our manufacturing facility in Liberty Hill  Texas.  7 semi-trucks full of our production and manufacturing facility that had 8 years of growth in one location was EPIC!  I made the decision to relocate to Texas during the COVID-19 Pandemic and sometimes I don't think people realized what it took to make this happen during that time.

The logistics of it all were maddening at times but with the help and support our my family, friends and most of all the patience of my clients we pushed through it.   I think I aged myself  by 10 years lol!  We are still feeling some of the struggles with suppliers and getting things settled but the pandemic did knock out SEMA 20/21.... 


This year we will be back in full swing with our Road Tour and SEMA 2022.  Success is on the rise for 2022 and I am personally looking forward to seeing my clients and friends out on the road.  I have been asked to take on a lot of new Marine/Powerboating projects which will be interesting for everyone to see and learn about those products as well. 


Let's see how 2022 rolls out and I hope to see you all very soon! 

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