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Check out Slim Thug driving thru Houston Texas in his "Batmobile" - a 1959 Cadillac with a custom flare by Ekstensive Metal Works in Houston, TX. 

Bill Carlton asked AM Hot Rod Glass to be a part of his 1st season on "TEXAS METAL" -airs Wednesday nights on the Motortrend channel.  Season 1 was an adventure in Texas for Ekstensive and AM Hot Rod Glass.  With Hurricane Harvey & the flooding it was a wild ride.  A special thank you to Mr. Slim Thug for all of his support with our products. 

Check out the show and see this awesome build by Bill and his crew!

AM Hot Rod Glass Acrylic Chopped

The Mariani Family has been a very supportive component to the Rad Rides by Troy relationship with AM Hot Rod Glass.  Troy Trepanier is constantly evolving or "Design Thinking" for the next build and gave us a shot on the 32' Ford that Troy built for the Bonneville Salt Flats.  We have been included in several projects for them and this time Mark & Dennis Jr. Mariani rolled into SEMA SHOW 2017 hard and this hand crafted original metal work - aka Troy's "Vision of Perfection" was 

mariani streamliner
builder: rad rides by troy trepanier

2014 Troy Trepanier deceided that AM Hot Rod Glass would build a  canopy structure simialr to our Parent Company - Aero Marine (hence the  "AM" in our brand name)  F16 Quarter Canopy line.  This presented a bit of a challange as we have never built anything in such a thin gauge.  We set out to do this project and  for those of you who get to see the Bosslady's office - you may get a peek of the "traveling blueprint" between Rad Rides by Troy and AM Hot Rod Glass for the concept/design idea first developed by Troy and his team in Manteno!  

"maybellene" By
kindig-it design

"Maybellene" was  another custom windshield and Hood Scoop by Kindig It Design as seen on their Motortrend Show "Bitchin Rides".  This cover was a work in progress and though we don't see how it all unfolds in TV land we know that the  re-engineering portion between KEVDOGG and the Bosslady  works well and their builds are always "different" which makes them a bit complex and it always ends with a flawless integrated AM Hot Rod Glass part to compliment their beautiful cars.  

Clarity and Optics is key to our AMHRG fabrication proceess.  

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